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Take photos on your
SocialEngine 4 website

with ZuzuBooth Plugin for SE4

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ZuzuBooth will make
your website a fun
place to hang out,
your members will
create more content and you'll see a rise
in discussions over the new content between your members .

We’re also working on picture effects and image overlays that will allow your members to easily create innovative funnier pictures that will spark discussions throughout your web site.

Works with any webcam

Any external, internal, monitor webcam and DV cam installed on your computer will work.


Communities always
have the problem of
fake profiles and

ZuzuBooth helps you
solve that.

There’s something about a true real picture that you can not exactly put your finger on. It’s the graininess of the webcam, it’s the weird lighting in the room, it’s the unnatural tones of the skin.

Easy to install

You don't have to be a Php guru to install ZuzuBooth. It installs as any other SE4 Plugin,
no need to FTP or edit files. Here are the instructions.

More content

ZuzuBoth makes it easy
for your SE4 website
members to post
profile photos, post photos
in their albums or post
photos on friend’s walls.

New photos will also spark new
comments & discussions.

And all this new content will generate more pageviews and will drive up conversion rates on your SE4 website.

Easy to use

ZuzuBooth is like magic! Once installed in your SE4 website it shows up in all the right places.
Take your photo now

Cool huh?

Quick FAQ

Do you offer support?

Yes, when you buy you get 3 months of personalized support by email and updates.

Where are the pictures saved?

JPEG files (80% quality) on your web server.

How much does it cost?

The SE4 version is $39 (introductory price), see below.


What size are the pictures?


When will you offer picture effects?

Soon, we’re working on it.

How do I get it and when?

Download link by email right after the purchase.

I have more questions what should I do?

Call +40721969501 or email contact@zuzubooth.com if we don’t answer, we might be sleeping :).

Pricing & Purchase

ZuzuBooth for SocialEngine 4 is $39 (in line with the official SE4 plugins which are priced at $40 each).

When you purchase it you get:


ZuzuBooth for SE4 price: $39
Buy ZuzuBooth for SE4 now

We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Wire and many other payment methods.

Your payment is securely processed by our partner, Avangate.


Contact Support

To contact support just go to your client area and submit a support ticket. You have received a direct link to your client area when you purchased ZuzuBooth.

ZuzuBooth Plugin for Social Engine 4 installation guide

  1. Install ZuzuBooth SE4 plugin
  2. Insert License key
  3. How to use ZuzuBooth
  4. How to rename the Add to ZuzuBooth Album button

1. Install ZuzuBooth on Social Engine 4

  1. Login as admin into your SocialEngine 4 Website and go to Admin >> Manage >> Packages & Plugins
  2. Click on Install New Packages then on Add Packages
  3. Upload module-zuzubooth-4.0.0.tar . You can download this archive from your client/trial area.
  4. When the upload is complete click Continue and follow the on-screen installation instructions until the package is installed.
  5. Click Manage Packages (top left) and make sure the ZuzuBooth plugin in the list is enabled. If it's not enable it.
  6. That's it! There is one more step before you start using it: 2. Insert License Key

2. Insert License Key

  1. Login as admin (if you are not already) into your SocialEngine 4 Website and go to Settings >> ZuzuBooth Settings
  2. Copy the license key from your license area provided after purchase and paste in the Settings Form (see the image below) and press Save Changes
    Insert license key

3. How to use ZuzuBooth

The ZuzuBooth Plugin Automatically adds a link to the user menu, called Take a snapshot By pressing this link, a modal window will appear (see the Image below).

To take a screenshot just press Take a picture. After pressing Take a picture two button will appear in case you have the Photo Album Plugin installed and only one if you don't. (see the image below)

Make Profile Picture By pressing this button, the picture you just took will be applied as profile picture.

Add to ZuzuBooth Album This button appears only if you have the Albums Plugin for SE4 (that can be purchased from your socialengine client area) installed. ZuzuBooth will automatically create it's own album and you can add how many picture you want into it.

That's it!

Isn't it cool? :)

4. How to rename the Add to ZuzuBooth Album button

As I've told above this button appears only if you have the Albums Plugin for SE4 (that can be purchased from your socialengine client area) installed.
But what if you like to change the text of this button?

  1. Connect to your website using an FTP account
  2. Edit the SnapshotTaker.php file located in : socialEngine/application/modules/ZuzuBooth/Form/ directory
  3. On line 54 you will find this label : <'label' => 'Add to ZuzuBooth Album'
  4. Change the text "Add to ZuzuBooth Album" with the one that you want
  5. Save the file and upload it back to your server
  6. Done!