zuzu booth

Take photos
on your web site

with ZuzuBooth

ZuzuBooth Standalone ZuzuBooth for SocialEngine ZuzuBooth for Joomla!/JomSocial ZuzuBooth for phpFox


ZuzuBooth will make
your website a fun
place to hang out,
your members will
create more content and you'll see a rise
in discussions over the new content between your members .

We’re also working on picture effects and image overlays that will allow yourmembers to easily create innovative funnier pictures that wil spark discussions troughout your web site.


Communities always
have the problem of
fake profiles and pictures.

ZuzuBooth helps you
solve that.

There’s something about a true real picture that you can not exactly put your finger on. It’s the gaininess of the webcam, it’s the wierd lighting in the room, it’s the unnatural tons of the skin.


Don’t you just feel great
when everything just works?

You don’t have to be a Php
guru to install ZuzuBooth. It comes
properly integrated with SocialEngine 4,
JomSocial and phpFox.

For any other web site we provide a standalone version that has an integration API.
Take your photo now

Cool huh?